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August 28, 2006


Microsoft’s Zune Player More Than Just Music

August 28, 2006
More details have surfaced about Microsoft’s upcoming Zune MP3 player, which is designed to rival the iPod. Apparently the plan is for Zune to use its wireless capabilities to be a social networking device, and not just a music and video player. According to documents filed with the FCC, Zune users will be able to play the role of a deejay, sending streaming music content to up to four other devices. With the device’s wireless networking abilities turned on, people can send and receive photos, as well as “promotional copies of songs, albums and playlists,” according to CNet News. Users also can choose whether to stream to any nearby Zune user or only to people on their friends list. With the deejay setting on, the music sent is the same as what the deejay is listening to. If they stop listening, the stream is interrupted. Toshiba will be manufacturing the Zune device.

Microsoft also has said that Zune will come preloaded with videos from the EMI label, but has not discussed the details of any music or video service it plans to offer. Microsoft does plan to have one model available in time for the holiday season, and the company expects the Zune effort to take years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars, according to CNet. Other features of the device will be a 30GB hard drive, a three-inch screen and an FM tuner. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

I wonder which device radio will be more inclined to use as give-aways on air?

It sounds like they’re loading the thing with everything the iPOD isn’t.

Could be a great strategy – could be a miserable failure.

Many people argue the iPOD lacks many important features – exactly the features MS Zune seems to be including.  But those are features often requested by geeks – and not average users.

While the wireless sharing sounds like a neat idea – is this something people will really do?


Microsoft gets it -ahhh . . . no they don’t

August 18, 2006

A follow up to my previous post about how Microsoft “gets” User Generated Content with XBOX – apparently – according to Scoble – doesn’t get it when it comes to it’s new Zune device.

Robert says –

Paul Colligan says that Zune (Microsoft’s unreleased new portable media player to compete with Apple’s iPod) has no podcasting features and points that out to me.

Sad that Microsoft still isn’t getting that big-company power will come from letting your customers participate, not just consume. It’s funny, cause some parts of Microsoft are getting it (the Windows Live Writer editor demonstrates that).

I think It’s safe to say that MS is sooooo big that one hand literally does not know what the other hand is doing.

Sirius Internet

August 9, 2006

Via OrbitCast comes this report:

SIRIUS Satellite Radio has filed for a series of trademarks all revolving around the accronym “SIR” for Sirius Internet Radio.

Also on Orbit – 2 stories below,  one speculates on reports that XM and MicroSoft’s new media effort Zune will work together.

Wi-Fi.  The great equalizer.  Sat Radio, terrestrial radio, little kid in his bedroom radio – it’s all the same on-line.
Not only should radio be getting content online (streaming) we should begin developing INTERNET ONLY content.
Great radio stations will have broadcast content, and distinct content that floats – freely  – to ANY device people are using to enjoy audio & video.

Internet – learn it – love it – live it.  ,-)

Microsoft to preload Zune?

July 26, 2006

According to this guy – and this guy (zune blogger) – Microsoft will pack some kind of content into every Zune unit.

As long as it’s not that f&%^ing clippy bastard

Or the Zune Player equivilent – Notey

Are you sure you want to listen to Britney? How bout some Wilco?

More Zune-y goodness

July 23, 2006

Here’s a blog by Cesar Menendez, a Microsoft employee working on Zune.  Cesar says in his official Hello –

So what’s Zune? It’s Microsoft’s new, holistic approach to music and entertainment. And yes, this year, we’ll be releasing a device as part of the project.

Under the Zune brand, we’re looking to build a community for connecting with folks, all to discover new music and entertainment.  

Isn’t that what radio is supposed to be doing?

All the details now point to a device that’s Wi-Fi enabled – that will allow people to find, and get new music untethered to a computer – AND share with other Zune users in what I’m sure will be called ZuneCasting.

I’m sure iPod will respond with similar features in their 6th Generation version.  So even if MicroSoft fails miserably – the feature set just described lives on.

One mistake many of us in radio made early on was seeing the iPod as nothing more than the next version of the Sony Walkman Tape players.

These devices are way beyond that, and now –  with Wi-Fi they in fact become mini-personal radio stations – BUT not one way – one to many modeled radio stations – they become a symmetrical network where information flows BACK AND FORTH.
Which is more conducive to building “community”?

How do you think tomorrow’s 25-54s (today’s teens) would answer that question?

BTW – in case you’re wondering why I’m getting all Zune-y.  It’s because we in radio just might have started fooling ourselves into thinking the “iPod THING” was leveling off – and that the maximum impact it will have on radio has already been felt.

I really think it’s just beginning.

Contriving WOM

July 23, 2006

Zune tries here.

the irony of my passing this along is not lost on me- but thanks. ,-)