Exploding Media

September 14, 2006

From Jeff Jarvis at Buzz Machine

Exploding TV: Who needs a tower?
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LostRemote chronicles the fall season’s evidence of TV’s explosion:

* ABC streams its primetime shows.
* ABC offers free iTunes downloads of season finales.
* NBC streams its primetime shows.
* CBS offers shows free on video-on-demand.

TV is starting to “get it”.

Where’s Radio?

The New York Times takes a look.


MTV’s “everywhere” philosophy

August 1, 2006

Contemporary Radio copied a lot from MTV early on – mostly in terms of style – quick cut production – goofy, hip, irreverent “imaging” and packaging of music. But it seems radio pretty much stopped with those early lessons even as MTV continued to evolve.

During a recent keynote address at the CTAM Summit as reported by MultiChannel News, MTV Networks chairman and CEO Judy McGrath said something that I’ve been trying to communicate for a while now –

“New technology has inspired new consumer behavior, unleashing pent-up demand. … You have to evolve or die. Those are the stakes,”

That’s the thing we often loose sight of.

We can relish that Satellite Radio isn’t attracting a MASS audience – or that no single player is even close to dislodging Radio as the MAIN MASS channel for receiving audio content – but that assumes everyone is playing the same game we’re playing. And they are not.

The point were missing is that collectively those OTHER channels are CONDITIONING (or inspiring) the market as a whole to demand an experience from media that radio currently isn’t providing.

More from McGrath’s keynote:

McGrath spoke about the “everywhere” world philosophy enveloping Viacom Inc.’s MTVN, which has been reorganized to place digital content alongside linear TV production.

The impetus: Consumers are seeking media on an array of platforms and will follow good content across different platforms.

This is another lesson Radio would do well to copy from MTV.

We may think Radio is an EVERYWHERE medium – and to the 35+ crowd clearly it is. But increasingly Gen Y and younger don’t think radio is EVERYWHERE. If it’s not on their devices (ipod,psp,laptop, phone etc) it’s not “everywhere.”

HD Radio is PART of everywhere. But AM/FM/HD is no longer EVERWHERE. It doesn’t get your morning show – or my favorite music program from your station into my life when I want it – on MY device.

HD Radio  – while an important digital upgrade – shouldn’t be the SOLE effort to modernize the radio medium.

CBS Evening News goes “Multi-platform”

July 16, 2006

According to this NY Times article – the NEW CBS Evening News with the once cherubic Katie Couric will be sent out across multiple platforms “to capture a wider audience”. Like fishing I guess.

The multiplatform strategy will involve simulcasting the first segment of the evening news on CBS Radio News, which will be be made available to its more than 500 affiliated stations around the country.

I hope Couric’s copy isn’t overly dependant on the slick new visuals they’ll surely have in use.

The strategy will also include on-demand, extended Webcast interviews (done by Ms. Couric or CBS correspondents) and daily on-camera Web rundowns of the news lineup for the television broadcast that evening.

The first part sounds good – most of the stories they run are fairly shallow and always have me screaming for deeper coverage. The second part sounds like News Promos to me.

“Our goal on Sept. 5 is that whether you’re in your car, on your computer, commuting, listening on your cell phone, or, God forbid, at home watching television, that the CBS news will be available to you,” said Mr. McManus.

I admit to being conflicted about this.

One the one hand I see a former Old Media Giant desperately trying to win at it’s old game – still searching for MASS – longing for the long lost “60 share” days.

But I also see an old dog trying some new tricks and I admire that – even if I fear they may end up using OLD one way push “broadcasting” techniques in new media-spaces. I am genuinely curious about what they come up with.

Ultimately what CBS News seems to acknowledge with these moves is that the days of them “telling it like it is” at a specific time every day, and demanding that WE all dutifully show up – almost as if by appointment – to watch and consume it along with largely irrelevant commercial messages is fading fast.

At least that’s what I HOPE they seem to be acknowledging. ,-)

Hooray that.