I miss my iPod

July 12, 2006

A few days ago my 60GB black video iPod bailed on me with the “sad ipod” icon.   It’s only 6 months old (it’s my 3rd iPod since 03) Its heading back to Apple.
I can’t believe how much I miss it.  Actually – what I miss is the control.  I miss the control I had over my entertainment.

But I also miss the opportunity it gives mes to sample and try new entertainment.

I’m pretty indiscriminate about what I put on my ipod – anything, everything!

Artists people say I should check out – swoosh – the whole CD is there.

Podcasts, videoblogs, videopodcast, tv shows.  Bam – I don’t really worry about it.  If it interests me – it’s on the pod.  I can always delete it.

3 years ago I thought it might be nice to have an ipod, but it wasn’t something I felt I needed.

Today I can’t imagine not having it.  I truly feel like I’m MISSING OUT.  That I’m OUT OF TOUCH.  I consume WAAAY more entertainment now than I did 3 years ago.  Music, podcasts, videos, audio-books.

Being able to sample and carry around so much entertainment – and USING it to explore and discover new things, when it suits ME has convinced me unequivocally that radio SOMEHOW – SOMEWAY needs to get the rights thing settled and start making it’s shows available for the portable medium.

Not clips from shows.  Not stray bits here and there – entire shows.

What I get with the ipod is TRUE portable entertainment and the “dominant portable entertainment medium” (of the last century anyway) is largely sitting out.
Our industry really needs to be making this a huge priority.  It’s WAAAY bigger than HD Radio.
Way bigger.

Is anyone in radio even working on this?

Maybe this is what the NAB could be doing instead of trying to get petty shackles placed on satcasters.