Listening to Listeners

July 19, 2006

Maybe something’s in the air – but a lot of the ideas I’ve been sharing in these posts over the past few weeks are being articulated by listeners tonight.

That doesn’t make the ideas right. It just means others are thinking the same kinds of things.


(not real listeners


Subscribe Please

July 14, 2006

just a friendly suggestion to subscribe to this blog’s feed (over there on the right) – it costs nothing and saves you a bunch of time if you use any RSS reader.

thank you if you already do.


WordPress = ??

July 12, 2006

Ok – this WordPress service is free – I get that. But it’s been kinda quirky.

First, the formatting is pretty hit and miss.

I’ve published posts where ALL the formatting simply vanished.

Other times – entire paragraphs vanished. Whooosh! gone.

Now it appears the COMMENTS aren’t showing up on the the little “comments” indicator – so I put a “most recent comments” feature on the side bar over there on the right.

I don’t want to blog about blogging – but I did want to communicate my experience with WordPress in case you might be considering your own blog and which blog tool to use.

I do think Blogger has a better feature set. FYI.

What if a Radio CEO started a blog?

July 10, 2006

…and instead of re-writing press releases or marketing copy – actually started a conversation. A genuine 2 way conversation in a human voice. With our listeners, other radio people, and our customers.

If there’s one guy who seems to instinctively GET the underlying benefits of open communication it’s Greater Media CEO – Peter Smyth who pens a monthly web-letter called “From the Corner Office“.

I’ve encouraged Peter via e-mail to turn it into a blog. I hope he does.

Does anyone care?

July 3, 2006

I observe in the blogosphere a near absence of chat about radio – even about how bad it is.

Outside of a few blogs by consultants and researchers – there really isn’t much going on.

I have some legendary call letters and other radio terms plugged into my Technorati watch list and very little pops up.


Before you answer – consider that my watchlist for Satellite radio regularly returns on average a dozen posts a day.

Is it safe to say that in 2006 – if no one’s blogging about it – no one cares?

Bloggin bout Bloggin

June 20, 2006

I read lots of weblogs. In fact, the ones listed in my blogroll are only a handful of the dozens populating my RSS reader

My biggest complaint about most blogs is how incessantly they blog about blogging itself. Not other bloggers. I dig that. But the act of blogging. Seems so mastubatory. If I start doing that – shoot me. An e-mail. Or comment. Tell me to knock it the fuck off.