Jeff Schmidt photoOver 10 years behind the scenes at one of the most respected brands in commerical radio – KFOG/KSAN San Francisco Creative Director Jeff Schmidt blogs about the tidal wave of change taking place in media, marketing, branding and customer experience innovation.

All postings here reflect the personal opinions of Jeff Schmidt and do not in any way represent official opinions, positions or policies of KFOG/KSAN radio stations or Cumulus Broadcasting/ Cumulus Media Partners.e-mail jeff.schmidt2@cumulus.com


Precipice is about discovery and exploration of the Edges  – the space where old methods, habits and conventional wisdom are challenged and innovations erupt. 

We’re at a place where the traditional tried and true methods of doing business still function – but they are beginning to loose effectiveness and relevance in the face of emerging technology/media and it’s influence on entertainment markets.

What does this mean?

* Interruption based models are in danger of stagnation as people increasingly view time as more valuable than cash.

* More and more people will pay (with cash and/or effort) to avoid having their entertainment and information interrupted (thus their time wasted) by irrelevant commercial messages and come-ons.

* Internet based models are allowing advertisers to hyper target distinct messages to distinct people in the moment the message will be most relevant. This will radically alter the expectations advertisers have of ALL media.

* Advertisers will become conditioned to only pay for the RESULTS their marketing delivers – not the amount of time it take to deliver a message on on widely unfocused mass networks.

* Medium owners will have to offer far more than “time on the network” or a certain number of “shouts” to thrive and grow.

* Medium owners will have to find ways to help advertisers craft compelling offers and place those offers in front of the right people at the right time. Medium owners that can’t do this will stagnate.

* Shout & Obey Branding is dead.  Audiences control brands now – not companies.  You can shout your slogans at me – but if my friend tells me you’re a liar – who do you think I’m going to believe – my friend or your ad?

* The brand is not what you tell your audience to think about you and your product.  The brand is what the audience tells each other about you and your product.  Those who don’t know there’s a difference are screwed.

Through this blog I hope to add to the discussion about these issues. Please feel free to comment on the blog posts!




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