Brilliant minds think alike – iPod/Smart Radio

Apple finally put an FM receiver in an iPod.

Of course Apple upped the game by making it “smart radio” with itunes tagging and 15 minutes of live pause. Excellent news indeed.

This whole “Smart Radio” thing sounded familiar to me – so I checked back on this blog’s archives and found the source of my deja vu.

This post of mine in December 2006 about the promotion of HD Radio.

In 2005 I submitted a :60 promo and over-all marketing idea to the HD Radio Alliance as part of a contest they were running.

My idea was based on positioning HD Radio as being “Smart Radio”.

My promo [mp3 file] for KFOG in San Francisco served as a template for an idea easily customizable by any other station’s offerings.

Of course my idea not only didn’t win, it received not a single comment from the Alliance.

But the reason was obvious. As you can read in that post – my promo was aspirational.

It was all the things I WISH I could have said about HD Radio, but couldn’t because it just wasn’t true.

HD Radio in reality, was a boondoggle created not to improve the listener’s experience – but to make Radio Companies feel like they were “doing something” against XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.

So here we are – 4 years later and rather than any Radio company making radio “Smarter” (read: better) – it’s Apple that does it with a fraction of the features.

I mean come’on radio – I’m on the friggin payroll for crying out loud.

And I am by no means the only one in this biz who has thought up stuff like this. There’s dozen of people.

I’m not claiming to be ahead of the curve.

I’m claiming Radio companies are way behind the curve.

So when you feel like catching up radio – remember – you’re already paying me.



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