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February 1, 2007

NBC: Streaming Extends Reach of Shows: ”

February 1, 2007

NBC: Streaming Extends Reach of Shows

Mike Shields

JANUARY 31, 2007 –

NBC has discovered that some fans of its top prime-time shows are using NBC.com as their de facto DVR, while curious non-fans are using the site to sample shows they’ve never seen on TV.

According to new research released by NBC, 78 percent of users who’ve streamed full-length episodes of shows on NBC Rewind–NBC.com’s video player–watched episodes of series that they regularly watch but missed on broadcast TV, according to a research study conducted by the independent firm Insight Express. The network says that dynamic is helping extend the reach of these shows, and unlike with shows recorded using DVRs, fans can’t skip advertisements on NBC Rewind. In fact, 81 percent of those surveyed said that they recalled specific pre-roll ads that were streamed alongside NBC’s shows after two “

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