Clear Channel and Culture of Innovation

I have to hand it to Clear Channel – they’re trying new things.

After killing off it’s San Jose, CA Alternative Station “channel 1049” for a spanish format – Clear Channel uses the database of 7000 “Channel Fans” to promote it’s new interactive radio station on wheels.


Check out the inside pics HERE

Full story – | 01/10/2007 | Kava: Clear Channel launches two interactive radio stations on wheels

“”These are rolling radio stations, although they never use the word radio. They are WiFi Internet stations, programmed partly by listeners at www., with video screens, blaring waterproof speakers running 24/7, and a computer keyboard and screen and a large microphone in the back seat, from which street DJs can do commentary””.

I’m sure most if not all the 7000 Channel Fans would just as soon have their favorite radio station back than the chance for it’s gimmicky mobile offspring to show up at their door and let them DJ an hour.

But honestly – it’s a neat idea. And making it actually happen? That’s most impressive to me.

I can imagine sitting in the meeting where this idea came up – I can imagine the the grimaces of disapproval, groans and strings of “logic” it had to overcome.

It’s not that the idea is so great – it’s that this same idea probably would never have made it out of the “creative meeting” at any other broadcaster’s conference room.

On that alone I have to give it major kudos. Once the creative door is opened – once it’s shown that ideas will be tried – risks will be taken – more ideas will be born by more people and an entire culture of innovation can be born.

Radio desperately needs a culture of innovation.

Very little new ever happens in radio – it’s creative process is so often one of simply re-wording old ideas.

I find it exciting to see radio people being given the ability and freedom to do something different – to take risks and get creative about how “radio” can be done.

Ideally this will inspire other broadcasters to take risks and try new things.


One Response to Clear Channel and Culture of Innovation

  1. Jeff Small says:

    “Radio desperately needs a culture of innovation. ”

    I could not agree more. That’s why I’m hoping the buyout goes through. Much like Chrysler, the radio broadcasting industry needs some new blood, new perspectives, new management. From a radio advertiser perspective, we’re happy to pay more if radio can deliver more, but so far – and for many years – radio execs have not been able to do that.


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