Who’s talking & where

Almost 8 years ago the Cluetrain Manifesto re-defined modern (digital, networked) marketing by coining the phrase “Markets Are Conversations“. Not from YOU (company) to ME (passive consumer) but BETWEEN ME and other previously passive consumers about YOU and what we think.

Cluetrain birthed the idea that the best, most successful and meaningful companies are the ones that can IMPROVE the conversations people have amongst themselves.

From Scobleizer – Robert posts from CES –

It’s ironic. Apple gets more conversations started here on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show than any other company. I’m here in the Seagate booth and EVERYONE is talking about Apple today”.

Those conversations aren’t happening because the “phone” hit some “magic” price point.

Those conversations aren’t happening because we’ve been bombarded by months of slick :30s on Prime Time TV or $200 Million in Radio airtime telling us how “cool” it is.

Those conversations are happening because there’s something there that people feel is worth talking about – and those conversations make them feel, seem and act smarter.

It’s not really about a phone. It’s about the conversations the phone enables.


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