Data Delivery Via HD Radio

The other day I asked in this post if we saw our radio future as one of more channels of “12 In Row” or if we could get into the “Smart Car” world and what, if anything, HD Radio has to do with it.

From MediaWeek – and elsewhere today we learn –

CCR, Microsoft Launch Data Delivery Via HD Radio: ”

January 8, 2007


CCR, Microsoft Launch Data Delivery Via HD Radio

Mike Boyle, Radio and Records

JANUARY 08, 2007 –

Clear Channel Radio and Microsoft kicked-off what is expected to be a big week of announcements from the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. On Monday, the two companies announced a collaborative agreement to build a nationwide data delivery service using HD Radio technology to send personalized and localized content to a variety of receivers and devices, from smart cell phones and watches to household appliances.

Dubbed MSN Direct HD, the service will be an extension of Microsoft’s MSN Direct service, which currently transmits information such as weather, traffic, movie times, sports and stocks to Smart Watches, weather stations, GPS navigation devices and small home appliances. HD Radio technology developer and licensor iBiquity Digital “

Ignoring for a minute that 2 of the most un-trusted brands in the world combine to provide a service – isn’t the idea behind this what HD Radio should have been about ALL ALONG?


My money says the name “HD Radio” will not survive. It was created in a very very very myopic radio world view and used to highlight 1 feature of a rather wide open technology which in reality isn’t even TRUE. It isn’t, nor can it be “high definition” audio.

HD = HYBRID DIGITAL. But I digress.

So Clear Channel provides the platform (digitized broadcasting frequencies) – and Microsoft provides the data (content).

The same data Microsoft will also send to your phone/pda or other personal digital device. The same data you can get online via mobile internet devices. The same data sat-casters will be sending along with their radios.

All of which begs the question – in the world of mobile internet – what advantage does HD Radio data delivery have?


We’re back to selling “free” again?

EDIT: The last question about the advantages of HD Radio Data delivery is posed NOT from the perspective of a broadcasting company – but of the USER.


EDIT #2 –

Via the MSNDirect website these “services” are offered to your device free for 1 year and then carry a subscription fee ranging from $49 per year.


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