Radio’s Future – 12 in Row… or Smart Car ?

This can be seen as part 2 of my post from yesterday about WiFi in the car.


XM Satellite Radio will display a concept vehicle that will feature the first personal weather tracking system for GPS navigation. It tracks specific, real-time weather conditions between your current location and your final destination, and it provides the weather forecast for the driver’s personal path. The weather information is continuously updated and delivered to the navigation system via satellite. The new weather technology is expected to be introduced this summer.

And . . .

Meanwhile, the XM vehicle at CES also will feature an in-car video display to demonstrate how video content can be transmitted by the same satellites and ground repeaters that XM uses to deliver its radio service.


The car also will demonstrate voice recognition and parking locator technology. XM will show the latest software for voice-enabled XM radios developed by VoiceBox Technologies, which offers voice controls for the radio.

Voice control for radio – and mobile internet? Suddenly that list of the Top 100 most visited websites I posted yesterday isn’t so off limits to the driver of a car.

And ParkingLink, a project of XM, Quixote Transportation Technologies and Standard Parking Corporation, locates parking facilities on the vehicle’s navigation screen and tells the driver how many parking spaces are available.

Of course- the platnium ablazed turnip-twaddler is free when you order now!

I wonder what business we think were in today – and what business we think we’re going to be in tomorrow. The reason I wonder this is because the thought that most radio people have when talking about mobile internet/ Mobile Data delivery is about how many audio streams will be available to the car and how that threatens us.

Is there any chance our industry will break out of it’s myopic view that we’re in the “12 In A Row Every Hour Station Playing Everything That’s a Hit not Just Some Of It With Wicky & Wacky In The Morning! business?

Do we even have a shot at being in the “Smart Car” business?

What does HD have to do with ANY of this?


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