Of Dinos and Meteors

A recent post by Fred Jacobs about 6 years of radio ignoring the “under 25” problem brought to mind a cartoon by one of my fav bloggers – Hugh McLeod at Gapingvoid.com.




3 Responses to Of Dinos and Meteors

  1. Dick Hungate says:

    With all due respect, Jeff…I honestly don’t feel
    that just because the under-25 set has grown
    up with and been spoiled by various time shifting,
    listening-on-demand devices that they necessarily
    are a lost cause (and, therefore, parenthetical to
    the debate over how to stem audience erostion).
    There is almost an iPod backlash happening suddenly.
    When a device becomes so omnipresent that you see
    grannies toting one..that gizmo then is anathema to a
    scenester and trendster teen. I don’t refer here to the
    music itself. Timeless is timeless and quality is quality.
    Kids weight the intrinsic value of “Jumpin Jack Flash”
    against the one thing about it they ABHORE…that it is
    “their dad’s music”. But the stuff is so darned irresistable
    that they buy it and listen to it anyway! No, I’m writing about
    the “envelope” that delivers said package….the delivery system.
    I have a gut instinct that a certain retro, old-school coolness
    quotient for terrestrial radio is beginning to re-emerge. This is all
    anecdotal…no double-blind, placebo, controlled studies exist…. 🙂
    …but I can already “feel” such an unexpected counter-trend starting.
    DJ’s are “feeling” creatures…”feel’ is how they maintain good ratings and
    pay the rent. It’s a solar plexus phenomenon that cannot be quantified or
    bottled. Indeed, there’s something communal and therefore naturally
    appealing about an authentic (phony won’t work) air personality in your
    car or bedroom in REAL TIME providing extra meaning and context for the music.
    Watch my prediction bear fruit…for at least a substantial fraction of the populace.
    Betcha a hundred bucks (which, we all know, for a DJ is like a grand…).

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