Everyone is a liar

That’s the logical conclusion one could draw based on a new PPM Spot Study (pdf) by Arbitron which concludes that radio audience levels remain extremely high (from 87.7-99.6 %) during commercial breaks ranging from 1 to 6 minutes in length.

Of course, this defies conventional wisdom.

It defies nearly ALL of the first hand listener reports I’ve witnessed – it defies the actions of others I’ve witnessed – it certainly defies my own actions.  In short – it counters everything I know to be true from both my own observations of others and myself using radio – AND from people giving an acocunt of their own behavior when using radio.

What’s actually happening according to this study – at least with 2100 people in Houston in Nov-Dec 05 – is that nearly everyone (at least 87.7%) is sitting through radio commercial breaks.

This isn’t just “a little” off from conventional wisdom – it’s WAY off.

Is that cause for concern?

via mark ramsey 


One Response to Everyone is a liar

  1. Dick Hungate says:

    It is as simple as terrestrial radio’s allowing itself to become
    so utterly uncompelling that it now falls almost totally into
    the category of “background low-volume silence elminator”

    You leave it on and listen with just one ear…or you don’t even
    listen at all, you simply “hear” the station on a very sublminal
    level. While it is playing for what COULD very well be HOURS
    on end…you talk on your cellphone or landphone…you catch
    some TV…you hold a complete meeting…you attend to your
    “foreground” tasks. And when there is a momentary pause
    in such tasks…you are left with radio still barely simmering on
    the back-burner. Why is this syndrome almost pervastive now
    days? Because we as an electronic society have reached the
    sad place where we feel there is something very WRONG if left
    alone with just our thoughts. Oh noooooo! Not complete silence!!!
    Whatever will I DO? NO, NO…not that dreaded “R” word…don’t make
    me R-R-R—R-E-A-D a complete newspaper or book! There’s…like…no
    melody! It’s like…uh…so linear and cerebral. What do I look like, a
    graduate student? Don’t insult me like that. So….yes, it is very easy
    to understand why folks “listen” (misnomer) to not just some but almost
    all spotbreaks completely through. But hey…we’ll take the raw figures
    and not argue…us still madly in love with the romance of traditional
    tower-and-transmitter radio. And please count Dick Hungate amount
    that bunch…along with Fred Jacobs, one of the great old timers still out
    there doing things the correct, traditional and yet enlightened way!

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