Clear Channel “pay-radio” on the cellphone

Soon – for a mere $2.99 per month – you can listen to Clear Channel’s Z100 New York “brought to you by DKNY” on your Cingular cell-phone.  Cell-casting is here.  Nice headline.
None of the reports say if the TSL counts against your minutes  – or if you get a commercial free version of the station or if other radio stations are included.

In fact – Clear Channels offical “press release” doesn’t even mention how much the subscription price is.  i got that info off Inside Radio.

Let’s set aside my support – in principle – of radio getting it’s content on as many devices as possible and focus on the specifics of this attempt by Clear Channel.

As a value proposition – we have to ask – does the convenience of listening to A commercial radio station on your cell phone warrant the $2.99 per month fee – PLUS minutes out of your plan – PLUS hearing commercials PLUS “BROUGHT TO YOU BY DKNY”?

Not to me.  But I’m not a target of this station.  But if I exchange Z100 with even my most favorite station – I still find this to be a really thin value to the cell phone user.

With such a poor value proposition I’m forced to consider whether this announcement is more about showboating how cool Clear Channel and Cingular is than the actual substance of the offer.

I’m still trying to figure out what’s in it for the listener?



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