Sirius offers Interweb only streams

According to Sirius Backstage

Sirius will offer

online only subscription called “Sirius Internet Radio Plus”.  The service will offer CD-quality sound on the music channels and select talk channels including Howard 100/101 at 48kbps.

Hate to be a stickler – but 48kbps is not CD quality.
Cost – $12.99 per month for newbies – and and extra $2.99 per month for existing subscribers.

Not sure what the point of this is.   The extra boost in stream quality doesn’t out-weight the fact the content is still tethered to a computer device with an internet connection.

What the satcasters really need to be doing online is –
A.) Offer tiered programming packages for reduced costs.

All the rock channels for $6.99 per month.

All the “hits” channels for $6.99 a month.

Mix and match package of 10 channels of your choice for $4.99- $6.99 per month.

Let the Howard Channels become a premium channels for $5.99 per month all by itself.

B.) Offer internet only channels.

I know for a fact the satcasters have ideas and even fully produced concept channels that they simply don’t have enough bandwidth on the satellite to run.  Put’em online.

But hey, I’m just a terrestrial radio guy – what do I know.  ,-)


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