I’m way too cutting edge

Certainly living in the San Francisco Bay area for the last . . . . holy cow – almost 10 years  – has immersed me in a very tech savvy culture.

I often take for granted and as a given things like broadband access, watching video online, downloading & buying music almost exclusively online, blogs and blog search engines, getting my news through an aggregator so that by the time I get home and my wife puts on the “evening news” it’s all old to me.

It’s really easy to forget how far out in front I am from most people.  This is not  a boast – just an observation because most people don’t do all these things.  Yet.

But I was that way even before moving out here.  In the early 90s cNet had a Sunday morning tech show – remember that one?

And Soledad O’Brien hosted a tech show called “The Site” with a virtual character Dev Null.  Anyone remember that?  That was awesome!

Yes it’s true . . . I’m way too cutting edge.  ,-)  It’s important to me to be aware of where things are trending – but also not get so lost in being out on the edge I forget where everyone else is.

Anyway – by way of Scoble (who is a blogging SuperStar! but still – a very small fish in the very large mass market pond)  we learn that “98% of people don’t use RSS”.

At first I was shocked – and then immediately – almost the entire content of this post flooded into my brain.  It wasn’t really a surprise  – but it’s good to be reminded there’s normal people out there who are still totally unaware – who still have yet to discover some of the things tech geeks have already taken for granted.


2 Responses to I’m way too cutting edge

  1. Skeptic says:

    At least you can link to the original source!

  2. Jeff Schmidt says:


    That’s not how I found it and it’s also not relevant.

    I’m only using SCOBLE’S point “98% don’t use RSS” as a basis for my post which is not at all about the minutia your post is about.

    If people are interested, they’ll hop over to Scoble who credits you in the first line.

    Chain of custody is maintained.

    Now go have a cold one and chill bro.


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