Consumer Generated Advertising

August 23, 2006

I’ve already outlined HERE my negative attitude towards corporate promotion of “consumer generated advertising” as a way to “get consumers involved in our brand”.

My sole exception was for consumer generated advertising that happened ORGANICALLY – that wasn’t solicited BY a company – but occurs genuinely because some USER really liked the product or service and wanted to express that preference.

Of course – that type of CGA rarely pops up on it’s own (a message to us perhaps?)

How about this “Consumer Generated Ad” for Starbucks found on YouTube.
I find comfort knowing that real people will use the liberation of media to take shots at the system of mass marketing rather than sheepishly prop it up.

BTW – I think Starbucks is trying to get this ad pulled.



Ramsey gets Godin on Radio

August 23, 2006

Mark Ramsey has one of my favorite blogs Hear 2.0– let alone “radio blogs” and today is an excellent example why –  he interviews Seth Godin about radio.

Solid Mark.