Blinks = more clutter?

FMQB is reporting that Fox Broadcasting is trying Clear Channel’s “blink” concept with a few of it’s hit shows.

Listen to audio examples at the FMQB link in Real Player format (are those guys still in business?)   They’re quick :02 shouts that pop up between songs (where stations normally ID themselves)

The example for the Simpsons is pretty basic (Homer: DOH!  VO; Simpsons tonight at 8 on FOX)  It happens in a . . . blink!  it’s the radio equivalent to the TV Bug (the little logo in the corner of the tv screen)

Also – more and more TV shows are putting promos in the bottom left hand corner of the shows for :05 after the show comes back after commercial.  I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but the shows are actually being cut to make room for these over-lays so they don’t take too much attention away from essential show content.  In other words – you think the show has started again (got your attention) but they really aren’t starting anything important yet because you’re supposed to be watching the little over-lay promo in the lower left hand corner.   In effect – they’ve REDUCED the show but a few second.
Clear Channel’s BLINK idea is very similar.  Clients WANT to be IN THE PROGRAMMING – not sectioned off in commerical internment camps know as stop sets.

The thing is – these BLINKS will never REPLACE the stop set or even reduce stop set frequency or length  – it will happen IN ADDITION to the stop sets.  So radio will still have 12-15 minutes an hour of mixed :30s and :60s –  PLUS another ___ BLINKS per hour.

I can’t really see how listeners won’t hear this as MORE clutter.


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