Microsoft gets it -ahhh . . . no they don’t

A follow up to my previous post about how Microsoft “gets” User Generated Content with XBOX – apparently – according to Scoble – doesn’t get it when it comes to it’s new Zune device.

Robert says –

Paul Colligan says that Zune (Microsoft’s unreleased new portable media player to compete with Apple’s iPod) has no podcasting features and points that out to me.

Sad that Microsoft still isn’t getting that big-company power will come from letting your customers participate, not just consume. It’s funny, cause some parts of Microsoft are getting it (the Windows Live Writer editor demonstrates that).

I think It’s safe to say that MS is sooooo big that one hand literally does not know what the other hand is doing.


2 Responses to Microsoft gets it -ahhh . . . no they don’t

  1. Given that all this is still conjecture it will be interesting to see what actually comes out.

  2. zune says:

    They know all things, like the Borg

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