Radio, slide over and make room in the car

FMQB is reporting about (but not linking to) to a new study from J.D . Power about options people say they want in their cars

A new study from J.D. Power and Associates asked consumers what new options they would like in the next generation of automobiles. Over half of those surveyed expressed an interest in the ability to play “non-standard audio files” in their next car via a USB memory key, if there was a price point of $100.

“non standard” audio file?

Also for the same amount, 58 percent said they would like an in-vehicle computer hard drive, allowing them to store music files in their car.

Write this off as simply another version of a 12 disc changer at your own risk. Like an iPod is just another version of a Walkman TapePlayer.

Among iPod owners surveyed, 60 percent said they would pay $150 to have connectivity for their iPod in their next vehicle.

That price is ridiculous – but it highlightes how motivated some people are to get more options for audio entertainment in the vehicle.

The auto – once radio’s exclusive territory is going to keep getting more and more crowded.

So – is getting our brands into “non standard audio file” format sounding like a good idea YET?


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