Holy Headline!

FMQB wins the “Most Absurdly Inaccurate/Misleading or wholly Yanked out of their Bum Headline Of The Day Award” – an award I just made up – for this little ditty –

Study: Radio Ads Drive Domestic Auto Sales

August 9, 2006

A new study conducted by The Media Audit,… of 17,395 adults planning to buy a vehicle in the next year showed that better than 1 in 5 of them are heavy radio listeners.

Follow along with me now – 1 in 5 people planning to buy a car in the next year are HEAVY radio listeners.

The Media Audit also found that heavy radio listeners are skewed towards domestic vehicle purchases while heavy Internet users are skewed towards foreign vehicles.

Fact 2 – heavy radio listeners are more likely to buy a domestic car.

FMBQ conclusion – Radio Ads drive domestic car sales.


Did they forget to print the part of the study that actually proves that point?

This is another example of mistaking correlation with causality. Or – if you prefer – crap reporting.


Per Jalopnik –  Ford Motor Car is buying ad space on about 400 blogs.


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