More HD Honesty

HD Radio’s focus is HERE –

engineer – “Hey look what we can do to radio signals!”

When it should have been –

In an ideal world – HD Radio would have been birthed by engineers – inspired by Radio Programmers complaints that there wasn’t enough radio signals on which to bring all their great new programming ideas to life.

Instead- it was the opposite.  HD was born as a technical achievement that attempts to answer questions no one was even asking.

Hear 2.0‘s Mark Ramsey is by far the single more prolific and focused writer on the net about HD Radio (thinly veiled iBiquity PR Channel Blogs which I refuse to link to notwithstanding)

Check out Mark’s latest analysis of the HD Radio ” Discover It” campaign which I mentioned briefly here.

There’s a point raised in comments about letting “Radio Sellers” devise the campaign to sell radios.

Problem is – neither Circuit City and Best Buy know how to sell “new radio devices” with ambiguous user “benefits”.

HD Radio needs to be content driven. The device is merely a means.


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