Verizon Challenges iPod?

That’s the headline – Verizon Wireless Challenges iPod With ‘Chocolate’ Phone.

The phone – looks like a media player but doesn’t share the iPod’s robust data storage – or I’m guessing it’s simplicity.

But with all phone carriers – the devil is in the monthly services fees.

Prior to this device – the “old school” Verizon charged $15.00 per month for it’s VCast mobil digital download service (minutes on the network not included) and then .99 cents per song which you had to order online.

Geeze.  Nuff hoops and fees?  Does Verizon hate it’s customers?

Now – the new “we get it and want to take on the ITMS” Verizon dumps the $15.00 per month subscription (so far so good) and then . . . . and I quote . . . .

Users of the Chocolate phone will be able to pay $1.99 to download songs directly to their handsets.

Be able? Wow – I can’t wait to BE ABLE to pay $1.99 for songs I can ONLY play on my phone – the same phone I will only have for 1 year because then Verizon will be pimpin the latest hottest greatest NEW phone that I simply must have.

I admit to a deep disdain for the cellular carriers. They are relics of old school “we control everything and will charge whatever we want” thinking.  They cripple their phones to control how people can use them all for the purpose extracting maximum fees.  They create arbitrary “packages” designed to get you to pay more per minute than the actual quoted rates.

This system can’t last.

Some perspective – Verizon – by many accounts is seen within the telecom world as being the most aggressive and “innovative” in adopting new technologies.

FWIW – despite constant advertising about the VCast service – I still can’t get it here in San Francisco – the 4th largest city in the country.



2 Responses to Verizon Challenges iPod?

  1. Tom Webster says:

    Don’t forget, you will also be able to purchase tiny segments of songs to use as ring tones for only $2.99!

  2. Jeff says:

    HA! yes… even though any teen can make their own :10 mp3 files

    forgot about that one – thanks Tom!

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