Can/Should Radio do Video?

This little bit of news announcing the Sony’s widely popular Playstation Portable now accepts RSS feed enclosures for video podcasts and blogs got me thinking.

With the internet channel open to anyone to deliver any kind of content – why should radio limit itself to only producing AUDIO?

Radio seems largely content to sit on the podcasting sidelines because it’s “can’t podcast the music”.

So . . . nothing is stopping us from videocasting. Morning show stunts – man on the street bits at big station events – MAYBE WE EVEN CREATE ORIGINAL VIDEO PODCASTING IDEAS? GASP!
It’s another dimension to extend the station and personalities brand BEYOND the radio – to engage listeners in another way.

It may not “move the Arbitron needle” in the same “direct” way “30 Trips in 30 Days” might – but it HELPS greese the skids to make moving the needle easier.

What if the station video podcast the actual 30 trips in 30 days trip? A handful of 5 minute episodes posted on the station website so that everyone who didn’t win can get a taste of the fun.

Decent Video cams can be had for less than $500. Digital video editing and production is free with every mac – and countless other options on the PC.

Digital video online is becoming bigger than digital audio. Radio shouldn’t sit out.


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