Long Tail as our Farm League

Yes – it’s a day of Long Tail news – what can I say – the idea has legs AND from it spawn lots of other great observations and ideas.

The latest of which come from tech geek Uber blogger Robert Scoble (the guy who LITERALLY wrote the book on corporate blogging)

In THIS post Robert ponders the Long Tail as a staircase for talent:

I’ve been listening to a LOT of “anyone media” and I can tell you that the Long Tail will NOT roar here. Most video blogs and podcasts just aren’t high enough quality to get a large audience. But, don’t write them off cause of that. The Long Tail does have a huge positive aspect:

The Long Tail is a stair system to the head!

Someone who does have talent can use it to walk up the curve from where only family and friends will watch all the way up to main stream media where millions are listening.

Seeing as how there’s almost ZERO systematic development of young new talent in radio anymore, the “anyone media-sphere” is probably going to be the place to go to find new talent.

Here’s the thing though. It’s unlikely you’ll find ready made talent in the “anyone-sphere”. Talent has to be nurtured and developed. Radio in general isn’t about that. Radio is about – “where else is this working / what other stations are airing it / what’s it’s ratings record.”

We currently have no system in place to look into the “anyone-sphere” – pick out POTENTIAL talent and work them into the next generation of Radio Stars.

Think about that. For an industry as OLD as radio NOT to have in place a tried and true systematic talent development scheme boarders on . . . .

You tell me?


2 Responses to Long Tail as our Farm League

  1. Hi Jeff
    I think that digital could be a great “Farm league”. Isn’t also essential in that if say NPR or MPR was to launch a new big program – it would have to succeed – but if there was an experiemnatal channel, the the hits could emerge.

    Did it not take a long time for some of the best shows to get an audience anyway and is this therefore not the natural way to go – low risk – high return and kind of VC ortfolio that brings in new talent?

  2. Jeff Schmidt says:

    Hey Robert. Your correct.

    My fear is that radio (commerical radio) doesn’t have the mechanism to look into the “anyone media” space – and hear a potential radio star 5 years from now. They really only can hear – will it be a hit THIS quarter.

    Farm League implies training and development. I sense that radio is looking for ready-made hits – not a long term R&D project.

    Great work BTW Robert – I’m a big fan of what you’re doing!

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