Me, Myself & I

It’s all about me. And you. And everyone else.

That’s the big lesson the tech explosion is teaching us.

In addition to the mass media everyone consumes (or at the expense of it – if you prefer) increasingly people engage in ME media.
ME as Journalist.

ME as a DJ. And a Programmer.

ME as a Radio host.

ME as Photographer

ME as a Filmaker

and now –

ME as a real time talk radio host.

BlogTalkRadio is targeting bloggers who want to hold a live telephone conversation with up to 5 people on a phone line at once. Anyone can listen live to the call on the phone or through Windows Media Player, like a live web radio show. Listeners can also download an archived copy of the conversation later. Revenue from contextual advertising is split 50/50 with show hosts.

Be careful about ignoring or otherwise writing these things off as being “small” and therefore “insignificant”.Unlike radio, they don’t attract mass audiences – they attract mass participants. That affects us on a very different level.

The explosion of choice and the tools it makes available means people are not only spending time with competing media – they are spending time CREATING COMPETING MEDIA.

Looking ahead – this will condition viewers/listeners/readers etc… to EXPECT to be able to re-fashion – re-make- re-mix – and generally modify ANY media to suit them.

Not being open to this kind of relationship won’t piss them off – they’ll simply find something else.


2 Responses to Me, Myself & I

  1. Dick Hungate says:

    Well, read the best selling non-fiction hardcover book
    in the history of our planet, “The Purpose Driven Life”
    by Rick Warren. Talk about a paradigm-shifter!
    (It certainly moved mine…enough for me to jettison
    radio for three years of divinity school, starting soon,
    at )

    In 1978, author and psychologist Scott Peck had a truly
    compelling opening line for his landmark book “The
    Road Less Travelled”…..and it was: “life is difficult”.
    Likewise, Warren hooks you immediately with these
    four counter-intuitive words: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.

    Yes, I appear to miss your entire point about folks wanting
    to be both programmer-and-consumer of their own media.
    (But I got it!). This is just my sly way of giving blog-props to
    Warren, Bono and God πŸ™‚ ….While making what to me, at
    least…here in this somewhat frightening time geo-politically…
    is a much broader but related philosophical point. Perhaps we
    can can control our latest-generation A/V devices. But how
    much can we control Hizbullah, Hamas, Al-Queda and other
    rogue groups hell-bent (literally, not figuratively) on ending our
    cushy western lifestyle? Compared to gradually-mounting fears
    of suitcase nukes, sarin containers, viles of smallpox that have
    mysteriously disappeared from thought-to-be-secure research
    freezers, et. al…..I’m just saying in the broad, meta-physical view….
    how much should we really give a damn which device serves us up
    our favorite track by White Stripes ?? (WOW, Hungate, you’re so
    intense….no WONDER you have no friends!)

  2. Jeff Schmidt says:

    I tend to look at it as an explosion of creativity and self expression. Where artistic expression is embraced by all and not “left to pros”.

    In regards to the otther stuff – I’m of the opinion that the inability to accomidate alternative spiritual narratives is the heart of it all. Everyone believes they are right – everyone else is wrong.

    One could argue that Warren’s book is just another log on that fire.

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