Multiples of Marginality

We’ve been trained to fear BIG competitors – other stations that come in and do some version of OUR format.

That’s the THREAT we’ve been conditioned and TRAINED to deal with in radio for decades.

Then came Satellite – and based on the industry’s panic – the same mechanism is playing out. So we go attack Satellite with – ironcially – the same concept they employ only doing it throught our own radios. I guess they weren’t wrong after all. But I digress.

But if we take a few steps back and try to see the entire picture – what’s really threatening to radio’s dominance (not existence) is NOT the 1 big thing.

It’s the 100 small things we ignore because we only judge relevance in terms of MASS. If it’s not MASS – we ignore it. If it’s marginal – we ignore it.

But increasingly the effect on US of the marginal is being multiplied. Sure – no ONE entity is taking enough TSL from radio to show up on OUR RADAR.

But collectively . . . it’s death by 1000 paper cuts. Defending your AC station against a “New” AC like station is EASY compared to what’s facing us now.

The net result – we’ll have more (non-multicasted) radio signals than economically viable ideas to support them.


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