Is this for real?

On CNN – a “brotherly discussion” of XM & Sirius.

You’ve got to be kidding.


One Response to Is this for real?

  1. Dick Hungate says:

    That is so dumb.

    TUNG ERIM…..legendary head of Atlantic Records promotion
    in New York City (back in the day…late seventies…when
    you had in those same offices the also-amazing, not to mention
    gorgeous, Judy Libow….plus a great guy named Alan Wolmark….
    think “gigantic-selling albums by Foreigner” and Zepp)…..Anyway, Tung
    was quite a character to deal with. Whenever he sensed something a bit
    fishy, cheesy, ethically questionable, possibly involving a hidden agenda or
    funneled cash, goods or services…always would say, “I don’t know…looks like
    a little HOOKEY DOOKEY to me!” I never forgot that line. Isn’t that a great
    way to characterize it when those alarms go off inside you…when something
    just doesn’t add up? Why would CNN do such a lame thing…in attempts to
    mine a bit of the recently talked about Mac versus PC ad ferver, maybe? Which
    is better, more user-friendly? We’d better call in Tung on this one….he’d know!

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