Basking in our own Glow

It was a particularly great day at 55 Hawthorne (station address) today.

We had great meetings with listeners last night -which kicked off great discussions and ideas today – and then we learned both KFOG and KSAN had great spring books. Yeah.

Now back to work.


Actually – it’s important to take a moment to reflect on just how amazing it is to be here at KFOG/KSAN.

The greatest part is how aware everyone is of all the threats and opportunities there are in the new media world confronting us.

There are no heads stuck in the sand here.

No one here needs to be sold that the world is changing and will require different things from us. I never once feel like I’m banging my head against the wall discussing these issues. I’m so happy this blog doesn’t need to be an outlet for frustration in that regard. It actually helps me because I find many of the thoughts I’m having become more focused by blogging about them.

We’re actually quite fortunate here in that our terrestrial success has afforded us – what seems to many I’m sure – the luxury to discuss, debate and examine these issues fairly intensely. It’s pretty fuckin awesome.

This was probably our last creative get together before Cumulus execs get more heavily involved in them – and I hope that facet of what we do doesn’t change – or if it does – get’s even better.
Hey . . . . I heard that.



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