Parody – the sincerest form of flattery

Fred Jacobs‘ on target post today about the Apple vs Windows TV ads reminded me about this.

created parody on YouTube of the now famous “I’m a Mac – I’m a PC” Apple TV commercials.

Anything that stands up and TAKES A STAND is ripe for Parody.

The funny thing – at least to me – is that these parody spots don’t actually knock the Apple spots down.

They’re amusing – but in the end . . . I think they actually re-enforce the ideas presented in the original Apple spots. They almost paradoxically strengthen the message of the original. That’s not very good parody. Which is EXACTLY WHY they re-enforce the original. See?

Then again – maybe I’m too much of a mac guy. ,-)

Seth Godin said in Purple Cow that you know you’re on to something when parodies of it start showing up. That doesn’t indicate if the “thing” you’re “on to” is GOOD or BAD. Just that it’s striking a chord.

I can’t help think about how little radio itself is the target of good parody.

Stern, Limbaugh, Dr, Larua have certainly been targets of both good and bad parody.

The Jimmy Fallon Rock DJ guy on SNL a few years back comes to mind also.

But most of the time – it’s US who are doing parody off the work of others. And let’s be honest – often it’s not very good.

Hey – I’m not pointing fingers – I won a “production award” by copying the famous On-Star spots. Many winning entries in these type of radio creative awards go to take-offs or send-ups of popular commericals.

Does Radio ONLY respond to the pop culture created by others? Or can radio influence and create pop culture also?

As #10 of Adliterates list of Aphorisims states –

10)Great brands create culture, weak brands copy it

I personally try to do more creating – and a lot less copying.


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