My iPod returns – Battlelines & PodShare.

My iPod is back from Apple and I’m over-joyed. Actually – not totally.

I have to reload all my “stuff” now and it’s spread across 3 computers and a few DVD back-ups. Bleh.

I guess I’ll listen to some kind of radio while it all copies over. ,-)

Hey Apple – discover Data Recovery service! I’ll pay extra.

I’ve come to realize over the past few days how I really depend on several mediums to complete my personal audio entertainment picture.

  • Radio serves me “what’s popular, new & familiar” at home, at work, and in the car. Don’t forget to write it down!
  • XM Satellite Radio can also serve me that – but I use it to hear music I enjoy in a “radio presentation” that normal radio doesn’t play. Think Niche Radio. Don’t forget to write the check!
  • Internet Radio serves me all of that with even DEEPER niches to explore Don’t forget the broadband!
  • iPod (or personal media player) serves me anything I want, when I want, where I want – it’s my bitch. I put stuff in – it plays it back, pauses, rewinds, plays things over and over – or never again.

They all intersect in my life. But the most flexible medium by far is the iPod (or personal media player of your choice)

I don’t mind listening to radio (FM, XM, Internet) but I don’t listen to as many aspects of broadcasts as I could because they demand my attention at times that may or may not be convenient to me.

While Radio – FM,XM,INTERNET can’t be an iPod – an iPod CAN be all of those things. I know we all tend to think our radio DEVICE is what’s important – but it’s not. It’s what the device enables people to hear that’s important.

Moving into the “infinate dial” universe – the smart battle isn’t trying to GET people to spend less time with iPod type devices and more time with Radio type devices.

The smart effort is in LETTING people spend more time with Radio ON their iPods.

The battleground expands from airwaves – into PodSpace.  Call it PodShare.


2 Responses to My iPod returns – Battlelines & PodShare.

  1. Dick Hungate says:

    Very well-put, Jeff. But I’ll tell you something that might surprise you, since
    I, like you, am in the entertainment-delivery business (not just a consumer
    Here’s what caused that, because it sure isn’t an accident. Past a certain point
    of daily aural input, I’m over it. The eardrums just need a break! Same deal with
    television. Of course I catch SportsCenter, some CNN, and certain “appointment
    TV” shows (I was a h-u-g-e “Sopranos-head” a few years back), for example.
    But regular broadcast TV, narrowcast (cable) or just DVD’s all still require the use
    of my ears…..unless I want to practice lip-reading. So I discoved a radical, edgy,
    new delivery system. Way too boring and linear for many consumers, yet research
    also shows this new counter-trend has attracted many “early adopters”. They’re
    called BOOKS…made out of strange material known as “paper”. Total quiet!
    Absolutely no aural engagement. But engagement of ones imagination? Yep.
    And reading helps you become a better writer. I set an arbitrary goal of (believe
    it or not) three books per week. This was about one year ago. So far, even while
    still managing to catch Springsteen’s whole “Darkness on the Edge of Town” album
    (very under-rated, incidentally), “Kind of Blue” by Miles or “Elite Hotel” from
    Emmy Lou Harris (there’s a place in my heart for “old school”, “pre-cookie-cutter”
    country)……I have been hitting my target of three non-fiction books per week.
    We all, especially in forums such as these (duh!) get transfixed by new gizmos and
    their delivery systems. But you have rebelious “boomerang” counter-trends coming
    along, too, for those consumers who soon reach their individual saturation point or
    pride themselves on a posture of “before the cab driver starts telling me about his
    cool new MP3 player…I will already have been there, done that and moved on”.
    Or for folks who aren’t even consciously being hipsters or scenesters…they just
    (with no affectations or attempts to be cool) try something as soon as it’s available/
    affordable…enjoy it…then get bored with it. Another example: writing your friend
    a letter with a piece of stationary and a clumsy, hand-held little stick known as an
    ink pen. Talk about making a HUGE statement and impression (no pun intended!)
    Want to show someone you r-e-a-l-l-y care about them? Write ’em a letter!
    After they pick themselves up off the pavement, they’ll love you for it. This is
    especially meaningful, obviously, to people over the age of 65. Your mom will
    faint. Not coincidentally…since niche-marketing and discussions of “the long
    tail” (or should that be “tale”?) are all the rage right now…sales of fine stationary
    and expensive fountain pens are way up. So are journaling in a regular hard-bound
    book and traditional “things to do today” lists on a small, 80-cent legal pad. My
    overarching point is that as great and convenient as all these new A/V toys are,
    BALANCE and a MEDIA MIX always will matter to people. Finding ones individual
    “sweet spot” of competing (new-media or old-media) communication methods is one
    key to a more diverse and therefore more satisfying life.

  2. Jeff Schmidt says:

    Excellent points Dick – thanks for adding them here.

    I too believe in cycles and trends and counter-trends.

    I had a similar conversation yesterday with 1077 KSAN Program Director Larry Sharp He wondered if the info world will just keep expanding in perpetuity – slamming us with MORE and MORE messages well beyond our capacity to absorb and act on them.

    I think it will – and as you have so wonderfully detailed – many of us will retreat and find refuge in quite stillness. In books. In meditation. In silence. In a hand written letter to a friend.

    Today’s kids also have a much higher tolerance for info than some of us older folks.

    I also think we’ll have more and more sophisticated gizmos to help us manage all the input – to filter out what’s relevant and what’s not. Which is why I think RELEVENCE is going to prevail over MASS.

    Everyone hates the bullhorn. Everyone loves a quite whisper from a lover or friend.

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