Finally! Fuzzy Wuzzy PR for us too!

For years now – many radio folk have had to exercise the gag reflex as story after story exalted Satcasters and slammed terrestrial radio.

Often, the coverage for Satellite glossed over problems, or made things sound better than they were.

Well, not to be out done, HD Radio finally get’s some of the same press release quality coverage the Satcasters have enjoyed for years!

The Chicago Sun Times runs a very postive piece on HD Radio in Chicago titled Radio’s Digital Revolution. The article kicks off declaring:

High-def isn’t just for TV anymore.

In what has been billed as the biggest innovation in radio since FM hit the airways in the 1950s, high-definition radio is finally starting to gel, with growing numbers of stations going digital and prices starting to drop for the special HD radio receivers.

That sets the tone for the article.

Give it a read if ya need a boost. It hits all the major pro-HD talking points including the magic “$100 price point” for radios – which I’m sure will amuse Mark Ramsey.


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