Book for EVERY radio execs shelf

The company that bought KFOG a few months back – Cumulus just launched a “new ” format in mid-Missouri called “Jeff 104.1 – The Capital City’s New Country Leader.”

Anyway – maybe because it’s my name that’s being used now – but it’s pretty clear to me that the waaaaay over-used practice of naming radio stations with dull male names has Jumped The Shark.

Have we no imagination in naming our “new” radio formats that we have descended into picking names out of Baby Name Books?

If we HAVE to pick radio station names out of baby name books – can we at least scan through some of the more unusual, interesting or unique names?

With the addition of “JEFF” to the list, we’re clearly tapping the well of all the BORING names.


5 Responses to Book for EVERY radio execs shelf

  1. Greg Jones says:

    While I MIGHT agree with you regarding the use of “boring” and kitchy names for radio stations, I thought I would let you in on exactly WHY the radio station is called “JEFF”. It’s not as kitchy and as “boring” as you would hope, really. Simply…the reason is because it is located in Jefferson City, Missouri, also known to most in these parts as “Jeff City”, which was named after Thomas Jefferson.

    So, while one might initially think that the radio station’s name is “boring”, it does have some significance…and the station is very much welcomed in a sea of truly “boring” radio stations…for their content, not their name.

  2. Jeff says:

    Hey Greg – thanks for that info.

    Question . . . would naming the station “JEFF” EVER been considered if naming stations with dull male names had not already become an absolute nationwide “variety format” radio cliche?

    I mean – if the name “JEFF” is good today because of the reasons you say – it certainly would have been good 5 years ago – yes? But it didn’t happen then. It happened now – when EVERYONE is doing it.

    My guess is – the station owners wanted to give the station a dull male name “because that’s what everyone is doing with variety formats” and then found that the name “Jeff” had a certain local flavor. Hurray!

    In other words – the fine citizens of Jefferson City simply lucked out with JEFF when I’m sure, absent the city name, the station folk would have just as quickly chosen to name the station JACK or BOB or DAVE or PETE or STEVE . . . .

  3. Jon says:

    Four or Five years ago radio stations could not use names like JEFF, BOB or Jack. Radio stations had to have a W as the first letter in there call letters if they were east of the Mississippi River. If the radio station was located west of the Mississippi river they had to have a K as the first letter in there call letters.

    With so many new radio stations popping up lately the FCC has relaxed this restriction.

    Not disagreeing with you on the bad names for radion stations. That and central Missouri had a radio station named JACK FM.

  4. Maybe you could name it Howard – I guess it would depend on nose size…

  5. If the name can build more community with listeners, then that’s a shot in the arm the radio industry needs, given all the media choices that are out there today.

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