Shocked! Shocked I tell ya!

By way of Edison Media Research comes a link to this (pdf) Center for Media Research piece regarding the effect of “on demand” media.

Nineteen percent say both the ability to skip
commercials and the ability to time-shift viewing
are equally important.

However, the majority say that fitting their TV viewing into their schedule is most important.

Can we all accept that there is no “stopping” this.

On Demand is increasingly becoming the basic expectation people have about the media they consume.

Our program schedules based on “forced listening” (can we banish this phrase yet?) will no longer control people’s behavior. They’ll only control when the DEVICES show up as a proxy for their owner – to grab content and hold it until master gets around to using it when it’s convenient for THEM.

Adapting to this will require radical thinking – particularly for radio. We love to hate Arbitron – but Arbitron is also trotted out as the number one reason we can’t do _________. (insert anything remotely innovative here)

If the industry took command of the issue of On Demand – and true Portability of our content – Arbitron would be forced to catch up.  We might even find alternate ways to monetize and get credit for this material. Instead – we’re sitting around waiting for one of the slowest organizations on the free-market planet to say it’s OK to move into new worlds.


Meanwhile other people are designing the disruptive technologies that will affect radio’s future.  I disagree with the idea that TiVo doesn’t impact radio .  It impacts the cultural expectations people have of ALL media.

I’ve been without my ipod for a few day now. Among the issues I discussed here regarding it’s effect on my media consumption – there’s another impact.

I find myself EXPECTING to be able to fast-forward, pause and rewind live terrestrial and satellite radio. My XM unit allows me some of that – my radio does not.

I EXPECT to look at my audio device and SEE relevant info about what I’m hearing.  

These “expectations” were created by using media that allows this.
This expectation is not a fluke.

It’s not a fad.

It’ll not remain isolated to a few geeks.

It WILL spread.

It will become THE way. What are we doing about it?

BTW – Fred Jacobs has an excellent post this morning about how NPR is doing exactly this – creating the future for themselves rather than letting it HAPPEN to them. Liberating their content from transmission towers and program schedules to remain and become more RELEVANT to their listeners.


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