“KFOG-ization of Meathead Radio”

I confess . . . that’s what I thought when I first heard about Fred Jacob’s Neo-Radio concept a few years back.

Now, I do tend to say things like this because I find that the humor in hearing it said out-loud overwhelms any underlying truth to what’s actually being said.   For example – the other day I called Luna Bar snacks “Snickers Bars for Hippy Chicks“.  But I digress.

The fact was – I was aware of the concepts Fred was touting – I even agreed with them – but I had associated them exclusively with AAA Radio generally, and KFOG specifically.  Those were OUR ideas – and we stole them from NPR – so go get your own source material bub!

I was wrong.

The reality of it is the Fred was taking the disparate emerging trends in what later I’ve come to call Nu-marketing (Seth Godin etc…) and rewrote them for radio under a single concept – neo-radio.

It was pretty radical when you think about it.

Instead of standard radio consultant fare of pitching a new “licence-able” radio format, with a zingy new name, meaningless but crafty slogan, highly researched play-list and standardized image voice – Fred was selling ideas.  A new way (for many) to approach the very performance of radio itself.  An underlying philosophy that put the listener (GASP!) smack dab in the middle of the whole thing.

So – my former ill formed opinion notwithstanding – Fred deserves major props for being the torch-bearer on making rock radio sound and behave more like HUMANS.


2 Responses to “KFOG-ization of Meathead Radio”

  1. Fred Jacobs says:

    I am really enjoying your blog – especially this entry! Thanks, Jeff.

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