The Shape of Things to Come

From Bob Lefsetz’s e-mail comes a link to this essay titled “Someone to Watch Over Me (on a Google Map)”.  First paragraph quoted here to whet the appetite.

I’m 24 years old, have a good job, friends. But like many of my generation, I consistently trade actual human contact for the more reliable emotional high of smiles on MySpace, winks on and pokes on Facebook. I live for Friendster views, profile comments and the Dodgeball messages that clog my cellphone every night.  

Admittedly tongue in cheek.  But do read the whole thing.  At the very least it’s entertaining.

Oh yeah  . . . try this little experiment.  While reading this see if you can detect inside you fascination, or boredom, or indifference, or whatever.  Just be aware of what your reaction to this is.


Cuz this young man – and millions more just like him join our coveted 25-54 demo next year.

How may of us are ready to communicate with them?  Authentically?


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