More Long Tail re:movies

From the prestigious New York Post ,-) – an article which puts a few digits into the “Rise and Fall of the Hit” conversation HERE & HERE as it pertains to movies.
Some quotes:

Only eight films this year have grossed more than $100 million, the traditional barometer for a breakout hit, and industry insiders believe the rest of this year’s slate doesn’t have the muscle to match the 19 films that topped that figure in 2005, even though that was the lowest total to reach $100 million since 1998.


The $100 million blockbuster benchmark came about during the 1980s. For a film to gross $100 million in 1980, it had to sell 37 million tickets at the average price of $2.69. At today’s average price of $6.41, selling 37 million tickets amounts to $238 million.


Given that, BoxOfficeMojo. com’s Brandon Gray said $200 million is a more accurate threshold for blockbuster status. And by that measure, 2006 is shaping up to be the worst year for blockbusters in a half-decade.

this too . . .

So far, only two films have grossed $200 million or more this year. “Superman Returns” and “Pirates” will likely get to that mark as well, for a total of four by the end of July. Since 2002, no year saw fewer than six movies reach the $200 million plateau.

I don’t want to get too hung up on the movie business because it’s not totally analogous to radio – but we both share the same NEED for hits to keep our businesses prosperous.

The Long Tail observation regarding the decline of the size and influence of the hits as time marches on makes this a conversation in which we need to keep participating.


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