Saw this unfortunate bit of “communication” in the news today –

“We are taking steps to ensure (radio station) continued market dominance, in pursuit of an audience that will reflect the vibrant personality of our city while serving the needs of our advertisers. Our decision is based on research and a review of evolving market conditions and we are confident that our new, (talent) will take the station to even greater heights while engaging an even bigger audience.”

Names changed to protect the innocent.

First – I’m not blaming, or poking fun or putting down -I’m just pointing to it and asking – does anyone see that?

Really SEE that?

That’s what passes for “business communication”.

With whom does speaking like this resonate?

To me it’s in-authentic, it lacks a human voice.

Yet those words (a few specifics notwithstanding) is boilerplate, formula business to public communication that we’ve all heard and read hundreds of times before.

It’s status-quo.

And so I feel compelled to ask – “Is that really the ONLY way business can talk to the public”?


3 Responses to Broken?

  1. Dick Hungate says:

    That is soooo funny! And SO DAMNED TRANSPARENT.
    Radio execs who talk / write like that are hiding something…
    their own deep-seated insecurity. Many of them began their
    careers long ago in local radio sales…that chain-smoking, living-
    out-of-your-Nissan Sentra, fumbling for toll change, “the better you
    do, the higher they raise your quota next time”, hellish way to earn a living.
    They were careful not to piss-off the wrong people…(plus they worked very,
    very, very hard…just to be fair and not come off as too cynical)…and then got
    named Local Sales Manager. And so on and so forth…up the ladder to GM.
    But in 95% of the cases, they didn’t exactly graduate cum-laude from the
    Wharton School of Business. These are pretty much Average Joe’s who like
    to play golf, drink beer, watch SportsCenter, etc. Here’s what’s sad—the
    higher they make their way up their individual corporate ladder, the more
    compelled they feel to speak “in tongues” ! (Meaning, to talk sort of
    “professorially”….the way they THINK folks with their MBA’s talk). It ends
    up making them sound and look like fools. Have you ever noticed that the
    world’s truly brainy men and women (at least the ones who don’t operate out
    of an ivory tower…I mean the people who actually WORK and LEAD others)
    use pretty regular language? They don’t feel the need to IMPRESS with verbal

  2. Gary says:

    define largess in verbally simple language!

  3. Dick Hungate says:

    Whoaa! You got me!! “Guilty-as-charged”.
    Thanks, Gary.

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