Where is radio’s Mark Cuban?

I used to think Mark Cuban was a tool.

Mark Cuban

A super lucky, at the right place, at the right time, dot-com luck-out, big-mouthed billionaire tool.

But ever since he started blogging I’ve come to really appreciate his POV.

He shakes thing up. He pisses people off. He makes CHANGE. Serious change. He’s not an administrator type managing grass growth speed incremental-ism. He makes massive things happen.

Of course that kind of behavior is not without a price. That price is near constant and deafening criticism. Mostly from the peanut gallery maintaining the status-quo.

I don’t follow basketball – I don’t care how Mark’s team is doing. But I do care about the issues Mark speaks about. And in his latest post he addressed criticism

“The easiest thing in the world to avoid is criticism. All you have to do is nothing. Do nothing of your own free will. Do only what is asked of you and nothing more, and and chances are you will never be criticized”

How many PDs, GMs, CDs, APDs, MDs, APs, etc… go out of their way everyday to avoid being criticized. It’s the path of least resistance.
Where is radio’s Mark Cuban?



2 Responses to Where is radio’s Mark Cuban?

  1. Dick Hungate says:

    Uhhhhhhh, as modestly as I can utter this…..that person would be ME!
    But all it got me was black-balled. Read my blog entries on Fred Jacobs’
    site. Pull up all the scorched-earth-calibre, brutally-honest entries I have
    contributed over the last year or two. You want to talk about pissing-off folks
    within ones industry? I made myself the poster-boy for it…though it never was
    vicious and always was well-intentioned. SOMEbody who has been in this biz
    as long as (and is about the same age as) Lee Abrams, Fred Jacobs, Jeff Pollack,
    Alex Demers, Dennis Constantine, Tommy Hadges, et. al. has to speak the truth
    and let the chips then fall where they may. You know who still believes in me?
    My old program director from WCHL, Chapel Hill…(commercial Top-40, not college
    radio…an excellent training-ground in the early 70’s!!)….TOM TAYLOR, super
    nice guy and the respected editor of “Inside Radio”. After WCHL, Tom did a
    wonderful job at WPST in Trenton…turned that station into a thing of beauty.
    Garnered national attention, broke lots of hit records out there (the honest way,
    not with New Jersey indie promotion-mob money)…and leveraged that success
    into where he is now. Most of the other guys I used to work with shun me now,
    because I am viewed as somewhat reckless and careless with my opinions…too
    honest for comfort, etc. But I don’t care. Funny…..the EXACT SAME WORDS
    that I say could be said by Jacobs or Abrams and folks would be quoting those
    phrases in “USA Today” or “Rollling Stone”. If you’re looked at as a bigshot,
    you can anything you please and people gild it in 24-carat gold…..as they do
    the musings of Ted Turner.

  2. Jeff says:


    Well Dick – if you’re radio’s Mark Cuban hurry up and get along buying CBS, or Clear Channel, or Cumulus and make something happen!


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