Sirius iPod

Wired mag’s “Listening Postspeculates that a new portable Sirius Sat radio based ipod could be in the works. Here’s how some of the speculation reads:

“Users could specify the sort of music they want to hear, either specifically or in general, on a computer or on the device itself. The satellite MP3 players would act as TiVos, scouring channels for requested songs and saving them to memory. Requests might even be sent back to Sirius in order to create ten or so democratically-created radio stations, increasing the likelihood that requested content gets played.

Of course, the satellite MP3 player would still be able to play whatever content you load on it, including songs ripped from CD or purchased from a DRM store. The advantage would be that you could tell your device, for example, “this week, find me some early Jamaican ska, some Bill Hicks routines, all news about Kenneth Lay, and whatever new music came out of Sweden last week.” After filtering all of these requests, Sirius would have ten new channels of user requested content, and users would essentially be able to download certain songs or styles passively, without dropouts, while listening to saved content. Sort of like the old “make mix tapes from FM radio” days, but with a bit of the interactivity the digital age is supposed to deliver. “

If I were able to “re-dream” HD Radio – it would sound a lot like that.


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