Customer UN-service from XM Radio

This blog post on a MySpace blog by a very un-satisfied XM customer is not posted so traditional radio folks can gloat.

It’s posted to illustrate just how fast information flows today.

10 years ago – dicking a customer around like this meant we MIGHT loose that customer and maybe a few people she told – but it was isolated to a very small circle of people in a very small geographic area.

Nowadays – screw a customer and in a few hours hundreds – even THOUSANDS of other customers and potential customers from all over the country learn about it.

This is why –

  1. Customers are in control of brands – not US.Do you think flashy TV ads and branding slogans means a pile of shit to this customer right now?What about all the people who read her blog and then see an XM ad. What will they think? “Bullshit” is what they’ll think.Who is in control of branding again?
  2. We should be monitoring the internet for complaints about US and our service. This is not hard. Discover Technorati and Google Blog Search to start.
  3. We should act on those complaints quickly and PUBLICLY. Also not hard. If you have e-mail and the will – you can solve problems fast.
  4. We can’t afford to dick around even 1 customer anymore. Radio stations got away with treating listeners like dirt for a long time. Those days are gone.

Mistakes are one thing. They are forgivable if handled properly. XM could fix her problem and give her 3 months free service for the obvious hassle they put her through.

If they treat her right she might even blog a post about how well taken care of she was.

Will they fix it? Who knows.

The real question is what will YOU do when it happens to you?

UPDATE: Fred Jacobs blogs about the now world famous AOL cancel call fiasco that ended up on network tv.  Same shit – different company.


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