What is our Story?

One of my favorite Nu-Marketing writers is Seth Godin

His book “All Marketers Are Liars” is largely about crafting stories  – and making sure the story you are telling fits with the worldview of the people you want to do business with.

Radio is great at crafting stories.  Unfortunately – most of them are complete bullshit.

“All the Hits – not just some of them!”  

“Your 12 in a Row Upbeat, Listen at Work Station!”

“Everything That Rocks!”

“80s, 90s, Now!  Whatever We Want!”

Yawn.  They’re not stories so much as bumper stickers – and not even of the clever variety.

So . . . what story SHOULD radio be telling?

I don’t know about your station – but at KFOG and The Bone I know I wish we could tell a story as compelling and unique as the kind internet radio service PANDORA is telling in their “Ears Behind Pandora” blog posts.

Our Analysts sit in our office with headphones on all day, listening to songs, researching songs, and categorizing the musicological make-up of these songs. This is the Music Genome Project. This is the information that drives your station matches. After the analysis is done, it’s up to Pandora’s patented playlist generator to pick songs for your stations.

All of these musicians have to take a music theory test before they are employed here at Pandora, after which they are trained in the different ‘genomes’ that drive the Music Genome Project. Most of them also play gigs around the San Francisco area in addition to being composers, music teachers, directors of musicals, sound engineers, etc. Many of our employees show up on your Pandora stations, and I thought you might like to know who they are! Over the next few weeks I will showcase some of the Pandora stations on which you can hear some of our staff.

How does our “10 in a Row” – or “Upbeat Listen @ Work Station” sound as a story compared to this?


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