The Lie of “FREE”

FREE media is never free. There’s always a price. In radio the price is having the program you’re listening to interrupted by commercial messages that may or may not (mostly not) even be relevant to you.

Of course we do hear the phrase – “commercial radio” used by pedestrians (people not inside the biz) – but it’s almost as if the word “commercial” in our culture is a synonym for “popular” or “for profit”. And what isn’t “for profit” in this country?

Traditionally the consumer culture views value in terms of money.

But that’s changing.

More and more surveys and polls indicate that TIME is a commodity people will gladly give up some of their CASH to have more control over.

You come to FREE media to be entertained – and the price of that entertainment is that you’re expected to spend some of your time NOT BEING ENTERTAINED. The price of FREE MEDIA is your time. Time spent listening to messages that are largely not relevant to you.

Are we sure this is “FREE”?

As TIME is perceived by people to be more valuable than a few bucks – where does that leave “FREE” media that wastes people’s time?


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