Does anyone care?

I observe in the blogosphere a near absence of chat about radio – even about how bad it is.

Outside of a few blogs by consultants and researchers – there really isn’t much going on.

I have some legendary call letters and other radio terms plugged into my Technorati watch list and very little pops up.


Before you answer – consider that my watchlist for Satellite radio regularly returns on average a dozen posts a day.

Is it safe to say that in 2006 – if no one’s blogging about it – no one cares?


9 Responses to Does anyone care?

  1. […] Since I’ve claimed that no one is blogging about radio – I figured that when stuff does come up on my New Reader I’d share. […]

  2. Dick Hungate says:

    Actually…I have noticed this on nearly ALL of the radio blogs, Jeff!

    Look at the one authored with so much careful thought and TLC by Fred Jacobs.
    How ironic that my last radio consultant was Dave Brewer (great person, by the
    way!) of Pollack Media…not even Fred or one of his crew…and yet day after day
    I read these compelling, provocative, evocative posts and NOBODY outside of
    Greg Gillespie, me and maybe two or three others ever takes the time to type a
    few lines of feedback! Please tell me why Dick Hungate should care…when (if
    you think the lack of comments on Jacobs Media’s daily blog means anything
    other than the fact that folks are very busy, stay in “sleep-deprivation mode”, etc.)
    apparently even the jocks and managers at Fred’s OWN STATIONS don’t care!
    And if they DO care…well, how is the radio world supposed to know, absent any
    publicly-published comments aside from the standard, “This new release from
    ‘Taking Back Sunday’ is a constant on my Ipod…gonna be huge!!!”

  3. Jeff says:

    Fred does an amazing job blogging. 1 post – every day – with links and graphics and good content.

    I think there’s a lot of old school ideas in the industry that keep people from participating if they think it might potentially help a competitor. “What are you doing reading and posting on Fred Jacob’s blog – don’t you know he consults our competitor” blah blah blah.. Old school.

    For an industry that hasn’t innovated or created anything new in almost 30 years to hold on to such antiquated ideas and have such a fear about sharing ideas is pretty telling.

    A larger point I was bringing up was how no one outside of radio blogs about radio – even to
    complain. Blogging is grassroots – bottom up – not top down.

    So if we’re not seeing radio being blogged about at a grass roots, individual level – do listeners care anymore? For people who blog about their cats, their co-workers, their bosses, families etc.. and not to include radio. . . .

    What does that say about the state of radio?

  4. Tom Webster says:

    Writing blogs isn’t quite yet a Mainstream 25-54 American activity, Jeff, so I am not surprised to see so few blog posts about mainstream radio there. What is disturbing, however, is that blogging is mainstream with teens, and the news there is different. The largest outlets for mainstream blogging amongst teens (MySpace, LiveJournal) do feature daily comments on commercial radio (I can share with you how I find these) but these are largely disparaging. If my dad were blogging, he might blog about his local radio station. But my son, if/when he starts blogging, probably won’t. So, as far as what this says about radio, it is another symptom of radio’s current crisis 12-24. Edison started to sound this siren call in 2000 ( but, unfortunately, the industry has been pretty slow to react.

    Nice blog, Jeff–glad you are sharing your voice. Now where is the FOG BLOG!


  5. Jeff says:

    Hey Tom – thanks for your thoughts.

    On the “demo thing” I wonder if it isn’t more “psychographic” than demo –

    The Blogs I’m seeing are

    A.) Personal – these are usually the teens but not all. (almost all comments I read about radio are here)

    B.) Political (here’s your 25-54s)

    C.) Tech – the geek squad from 18+ are here blogging about web 2.0 etc…

    I have watchlists in Google, Google Blog and Technorati and those do pick up quite a bit from the MySpace universe. I find most comments about radio – (still incredbily rare) are usually no more than a line – “there’s that f’n song again” – or “clear channel sucks”

    I post some of that stuff on my site when I find it illustrates a point.

    As far as the FOGBLOG –

    It’s only the jocks – and only a few of them post regularly. But it’s a start. There’s a lot of potential I don’t think we’re taking advatage of with this yet.

    “Naked Conversations” should be on every GM and PDs must read list.


  6. Jeff says:

    One more thought – the same tools I use to find conversations about radio includes all chatter about Satellite Radio – much much much more going on there.

  7. Tom Webster says:

    Agree about “Naked Conversations”–I chatted with Scoble at the Business Blog Summit in SF last year, and took a lot of what he had to say to heart with our own blogs.

    PLEASE make the KFOG BLOG mac-happy someday. Safari breaks it like you wouldn’t believe.


  8. Tom Webster says:

    …Also, I liked a comment you made about The Long Tail, and gave you some props for it:

  9. Jeff says:

    hey thanks Tom – I really appreciate that!

    as far as the fogblog – they just re-disigned the site so maybe that’s a bug they haven’t got to yet.

    I’ll send a note to web team.

    I RSS everything into NetNewsWire anyway -I’ve also started using FireFox on my PowerBook. It’s much more agreeable with the Microsoft developed web than Safari

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