Big Media Shrugs?

According to this pie in the sky column on MSBNC – big media is no longer that concerned with owning even more traditional broadcasting outlets like TV and Radio station and instead are turning their attention to the internet.


While it’s true SOME radio groups like Clear Channel are focused on the web (which means they are focused on creating unique content) other radio companies – like the one I work for Cumulus – appear to have no interest in the internet and ONLY interest in buying more radio stations.

I’ve been thinking lately that the radio industry is about to break apart into wings. Not sure how many totally but there will be CONTENT PRODUCERS – and MEDIUM OWNERS and a few that do both.

Long term growth is in content creation in my view – particulalry content that can be leveraged across MULTIPLE mediums.

There will come a day (perhaps 30 years) when you hear – “radio station? I remember them)

It’s not a slam on “radio as audio entertainment” it’s a slam on a business model that we’ve allowed to become intrinsically married to a century old technology.

Owning physical radio stations is gradually becoming quaint – even if you own them all.


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