Irrelevance of Ubiquity

I don't know why exactly- but some radio folk love to trot out the stats about radio's ubiquity in modern life. Yes – it's true – there are radio devices EVERYWHERE. And some 200 + million people listen to the radio at some point during any give week. So what?

Seriously. What benefit does this create and for whom? Radio as a medium reaches everyone. Woo hoo. But let's distinguish that these claims are always about the DEVICE – a radio. Never about anything specific the device actually does.

There isn't a single radio offering or company that can claim access to ALL 200+ million people who had a radio turned on today. Not one. So what does the devices "ubiquity? matter?

On the local level radio's "ubiquity" means nothing

Why do I care that people in Broken Spoke, WY own radios when I live and work in San Francisco? In fact – chances are pretty good that even many people in the San Francisco Bay Area can't hear my station with their radios because of the terrain and where they live.

What good is "ubiquity" again?

It's a meaningless concept used to help people feel good about the "concept" of radio. The reality is however, the ubiquity of the medium speaks about everyone collectively, yet benefits no one individually.

How pointless is that? We can't sell radio's ubiquity. You can't trade on it – so stop talking about it. It's wasted breath and it obfuscates larger more important issues – like how do we deepen our connection with the people who are actually USING OUR product?

Our product is not the device – our product what the device enables people to hear.


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