Old Thinking / New Thinking

I read a lot of comments from radio people and a great many seem to defend all the conventional points of view.  There's nothing universally wrong with that except when it's universally applied.  Not all conventional points of view are still valid. 

In fact – we're in a weird spot right now.  A precipice if you will.  ,-) 

It's a spot where "convention" still works in most cases – most of the time.  But increasingly it's proving to be inadequate if we care to look just a few years into the future.    We are at the threshold where old ideas and modes of thinking are beginning to crumble.  People who strictly adhere to those ideas are finding themselves increasingly confused.   

This post isn't labeled "OLD VS NEW".  To me it's not a question of either or – it's BOTH/AND.  Old thinking isn't rendered useless.  But strict adherance to the "way things have always been done" is going to be.  

My Boss once coined a phrase "respect for the past – curiosity for the future".    Yes – many of the things we've researched about "proper radio" still hold true.  But for how long?  And how attached to those ideas are you really willing to be as the entire media universe is beginning to make some radical changes? 

Let's not JUST ASSUME those observations will continue to be true moving into the future – when nothing else about the media landscape will be the same.

As I run into these kinds of issues I'll post about them to demonstrate my points.  But for now – let's just try to be aware if we're defending old ideas as a conditioned response because we've "always know this to be true" – or because the ideas really do hold up in the new game we're entering.  


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