My Bold HD Radio plan is a mistake.

I've posted on a few radio blogs on the topic of HD Radio.

To answer the problem of "adoption" I've said that Big Radio should take a few million $$ out of it's Billions in revenue and buy 10,000 -15,000 HD Radio sets to be used in big attention getting national and local give-aways.

Want to promote the idea of FREE radio? How bout giving a load of them away?

 Get the radios into the hands of influencers – the sneezers – the people who will talk about it and spread the word.

I've always said the caveat is the radio has be something worth talking about – otherwise the only thing that gets "sneezed" is more bad news.

Well, according to this Washington Post story about 1 reporter's not so great experience with his HD Radio – Big Radio should not waste the money on buying any of the current radios.  Same goes for consumers.


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