Where Satellite radio wins

June 20, 2006

A.) Zero commercial music presentation.

Spending time with this makes spending time with commerical radio more difficult.

B.) The radio tells me when my favorite artists are on anywhere on the XM system – even channels I don't listen to – and lets me click over to listen with 1 button push.

This is the type of user-centric feature that sends chills down commerical radio programmers spines. But I bet if you ask people at random if this feature would enhance their radio experience – most would say yes.


Bloggin bout Bloggin

June 20, 2006

I read lots of weblogs. In fact, the ones listed in my blogroll are only a handful of the dozens populating my RSS reader

My biggest complaint about most blogs is how incessantly they blog about blogging itself. Not other bloggers. I dig that. But the act of blogging. Seems so mastubatory. If I start doing that – shoot me. An e-mail. Or comment. Tell me to knock it the fuck off.


What’s easier to change – people or things?

June 20, 2006

 I comment on a comment @ Hear 2.0


June 20, 2006

First post. I wanted to have a place where I could consolidate all the comments I make on other blogs and sites. Thats mostly what will end up here – but I imagine I'll also post original topics as well.